Switch to Clean Energy with Us

The Democratic Party of Brown County is switching to 100% clean electricity to power its headquarters in Green Bay at 118 S. Chestnut St. We have signed up with Arcadia and have immediately switched to 100% renewable electricity without changing our electricity supplier (WPS).  It is almost like we have instantly installed a giant windmill or an array of solar panels on our building. 

You can do this too!!   

It is a simple process.

Keep your same power company

Takes 15 minutes or less to switch your home to renewable electricity.

When you sign up with Arcadia by using our referral link, both you and the Brown County Democratic Party will receive a $10 credit on our electricity bills.  Once you are a new Arcadia member, you can refer others and receive this same credit for yourself and your referrals. Join us in switching to renewable electricity and living our values! Sign up now. Cost is $5 per month.   

Referral link.

Here is how it works:

 When you sign up with Arcadia, you keep your current electrical supplier and coordinate your billing through Arcadia who adds a $5/month fee to your bill.  Arcadia purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) to cover your electricity use. (Please see the videos below for an explanation of how that works) Once signed up, your home is IMMEDIATELY converted to 100% renewable electricity. It is just that easy to sign up and know that your home is supporting renewable clean energy, rather than polluting power plants.  It truly just takes a few minutes to set up and complete the process.  If your credit card has a bonus program, you will receive that monthly bonus when you pay your bill.  

            Arcadia REC Video.

           Additional REC Video from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Still questions? Please see our FAQ section below


1. How does the billing work?

First you will need to set up a free Arcadia account. Then you will give Arcadia your account login information from your electrical supplier. (WPS in our case). Arcadia will coordinate your billing.  Every month, Arcadia will automatically pay your bill, then bill you that amount plus $5.  You will pay your bill with an autopay program through Arcadia. You can pay your bill with a credit card.  If your credit card has a bonus program, you will receive that bonus just like any other purchase.  

2. Arcadia Link for additional FAQ’s.