Poll Worker

  • Be a U.S. citizen.

  • Be 18 years old (except high school student poll workers). 

  • Be able to read and write fluently in the English language.

  • NOT be a candidate for any office to be voted on at the polling place at that election.

  • Poll Workers are able to be compensated for their time.

  • Poll workers help conduct fair and accurate elections and ensure their community is able to vote safely.

  • Poll workers are provided with personal protective equipment and practice social distancing.

  • Wisconsin law requires every employer to grant an unpaid leave of absence to poll workers, if the employee provides their employer with at least a 7-day notice. The leave is for the entire 24-hour period of Election Day.

If you are interested in becoming a poll worker, contact your municipal clerk directly to find out more about the application process. You
can find your clerk’s contact information at 

You can find critical poll worker shortages in
your county here: 

  • Chief Inspector: Lead a polling place. All chief inspectors must take a baseline training online for about 2 hours and have additional training requirements.
  • Election Inspectors: Help voters check in, register to vote, issue ballots. All election inspectors receive training from their municipal clerk in person or online.
  • Tabulator: Assist with counting ballots after the polls close. There may be some minimal remote training required.
  • Greeters or Election Registration Officials (EROs): Greeters can help with line management and assist with sanitization effort. EROs can help residents register to vote. There may be some minimal remote training required for each of these jobs.
  • Polling Place Helper: Help keep the polling place organized and assist with enforcing social distancing and sanitization efforts. This role usually does not require extensive training.

Training is available remotely for poll workers and varies depending on the role you serve at the polling place. Most trainings can be taken online at a time of your choosing.

Please contact the Wisconsin Elections Commission with any questions.

elections@wi.gov   |  elections.wi.gov  |  (608) 266-8005