Our Values


  • Born of honesty and integrity

  • Still close to the land and water

  • Committed to fine public education

  • Responsive to healthcare needs of all


The Democratic Party of Brown County works to elect candidates who share our democratic values, such as:


Justice, Human Concerns, and Democracy

  • Human rights, civil liberties, and an equal opportunity to succeed for all people

  • Election reforms to protect voter rights, draw fair voting maps, and end the corrupting influence of money in politics

  • Comprehensive immigration reform with a reasonable legal path to residency and citizenship

  • Preserving Social Security programs for our elderly, disabled, and eligible children

  • Universal access to affordable, quality healthcare, including reproductive care

  • Decreasing the prison population through diversion programs and ending the failed policies of the war on drugs, including creating a legal, regulated cannabis market


Education, Labor, and Economics

  • Fully funded public schools and an end to the student loan crisis, including free public education from age 4‐20

  • Equitable access to public transportation and high speed internet

  • A fair and just economy for all citizens, including a $15 minimum wage and the right to organize, bargain collectively, and strike without fear of reprisal

  • A tax system that is based on ability to pay

  • Responsibly funded investments in public infrastructure that spur local economic growth


Agriculture and Environment

  • Preserving family farming by creating market systems that assure a fair return to both farmers and processors

  • Aggressive action to mitigate climate change and develop clean, renewable, and sustainable energy sources without relaxing regulation of nuclear energy

  • Prioritizing public health, environmental protection, and the land and water treaty rights of native communities in considering all mining projects

  • Maintaining the integrity of our vast surface and subsurface fresh water supply, especially the Great Lakes, our rivers, and our drinking water.


Foreign Affairs

  • Supporting allies through NATO and the United Nations and honoring international treaties to limit nuclear weapons

  • Opposing unfair trade and immigration policies that undermine our economy, harm working people in our country and elsewhere, and harm the environment

  • Continuing to be a leader in combating global poverty, hunger, and disease and promoting human rights worldwide


Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s 2018 Platform