Meet the Team

Christy Welch headshot


I’ve always been politically minded but became more involved with the Brown County Dems when Roe was overturned. I was shocked to see this right that I had lived with for my whole life taken away. Knowing that Brown County is the largest swing County in a critical swing state spurred me to make a life change that allows me to take on the Chair responsibilities in a full-time capacity. I started my term as Chair in January of this year and have been loving it! I have met so many passionate people and have already learned so much.

The focus of the work that we do as a party is to get Dems on the ballot and elected. To achieve this end, I believe we need to focus on these key areas:

#1 Grow our membership and volunteer base. We can achieve this through the key activities of coalition building and creating/strengthening ties with like-minded businesses and organizations.

#2 Ensure we have a democratic challenger in every race possible and support them throughout the process.

#3 Increase the flow of monthly sustaining donations to provide the consistent support we need to build, plan, invest, and win.

Brown County has been voting more and more blue in recent cycles and we’re in a unique position to have a major impact in the next few years. I’m very excited to build upon the foundation that exists and do my part to help Brown County Dems reach its fullest potential. And let’s have some fun while we’re at it!



Any movement needs its leaders, and the face of the Democratic movement here in Brown County is our candidates for public office. That’s why I’m prioritizing supporting our candidates, from City Councilor to U.S. Senator, in every way I can. I know firsthand what our local candidates need after running for County Board myself in 2022, and as Rep. Shelton’s operations director, I’ve learned what it means to build a movement that includes thousands of people district-wide. From assisting in correctly filing paperwork to providing advice on big-picture campaign strategy, I’m making sure our candidates always know the BC Dems have their back.

I led the charge in approving our 2023 budget with exciting fundraising goals, and have loved getting to know my teammates on the administrative council during the process. I’ve also crafted a communications plan during this off-year as we work to engage new members and show the people of Brown County that their values ARE Democratic values. If we haven’t met yet, I’m looking forward to connecting soon! I’m ready to build a movement, and ready to fight for our lives.



Loren finished his term as Vice Chair in December 2022. During his term, he worked to continue facilitating the political outreach of the Democratic Party connecting with volunteers and candidates. Loren Prince has been engaged in local Brown County politics since he moved here with his family in 2012. Each presidential and midterm cycle he has phone banked and canvassed neighborhoods for Democrats. In 2018, he joined the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Intern Fellowship program and is an active member of the Allouez neighborhood team. In 2020, Loren joined the Brown County Democratic Party’s Administrative team as Chair of Outreach. Loren was elected as 2nd Vice-Chair of the Brown County Democratic Party in December of 2020; he in local elections. Loren currently works with youth in our community through the At-Risk Youth After School Program with the Green Bay School District.


My political interest was ignited at UWGB, where a Political Science course inspired me to major in Public Administration and minor in Political Science, shifting from my original Journalism and German majors. Post-graduation during the recession, I briefly waitressed and considered law school before accepting a call center job, leading me into the insurance industry. Over time, I grew politically apathetic, until the overturning of Roe V. Wade motivated me to become involved with politics once again. I attended local rallies and joined the Brown County Democrats through DPW Field Organizer Autymn, whom I met at a local fundraising event. Since then, my volunteer work has been immensely rewarding, and I’ve channeled my frustration into effective action. We’ve made significant progress in recent elections, but the road ahead is long. I am ready to continue the fight and to further put my anger into action.



I started canvassing during the Scott Walker recall effort. 1st thru the unions. Then with the Brown County Democratic Party. I continued to canvass when ever I could, as work and my caregiving for my mother allowed. Issues I am interested in include: Women’s rights; Healthcare; Housing; Gerrymandering/voting rights; Paid Family leave; Ending war and reducing the war budget(defense/ nuclear/nuclear weapons; the various spy agencies, etc.). Also, food, childcare and child tax credit. The whole breadth of human needs.


I am passionate about being an active member of my community to improve the world for people, animals, and nature. I was just re-elected to my second term as Constable for my town, and along with this position continue to work to help our country move in the right direction

I recently retired from 23 years in education. I have always strived to be a role model for young people by working hard and being kind, understanding, and respectful. My husband and I have hosted many high school exchange students and now do foster respite care for Brown County Social Services. 

I manage to keep myself busy volunteering for the Wisconsin Humane Society as a foster family, spay, and neuter clinics for Cats Anonymous, and delivering food for those in my community. 

I enjoy silent sports (kayaking, hiking, and biking) and nature. I plant a big vegetable garden every spring and love to spend time with my dogs, cats, and cockatiel.