Spring Voter Guide

Updated to include Election Results.

Local elections are important. The candidates elected on Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 will oversee our elections for the next two years. They will help determine if voting becomes more or less accessible to all people in Brown County regardless of zip code, race, or party affiliation.


For the last two years, our election workers, especially in Green Bay, have been under attack by those that believe the Big Lie about the 2020 election results. In the Spring elections, Republicans have doubled down on election conspiracies and recruited candidates to run against every sitting official who defended our elections from baseless attacks. We’ve done our homework and followed every vote to make sure our members and our friends know who can be trusted with our democracy.


We are here to help you make sure you cast your vote for someone who will stand up for your votes when the moment calls. If you do not see your race represented, please email info@browncountydems.com for advice. And please make your plan to vote: myvote.wi.gov.


The best way you can support local democracy is by becoming a Blue Crew monthly donor. Your monthly donation of $22 will help the Brown County Democrats build the campaign infrastructure needed to turn our county blue in 2022 and beyond! Sign up here.



Does not reflect an official party endorsement. List includes members and non-member leaders in select contested races. Compiled using publicly available information. Candidates have not given their express permission to be included. Omission from this guide does not necessarily mean the candidate is a conservative. Inclusion in this guide does not necessarily mean the candidate is a progressive.