Thank you Spring Primary Election Workers, Candidates & Voters!

On Tuesday, February 15th, several districts in Brown County held primaries for the Spring Election. What is a primary? A primary occurs when more than double the amount of candidates declare for the number of seats open in a race. The purpose of a primary is to narrow the field of candidates so voters have no more than two choices for every open seat in the general election, which is coming up on Tuesday, April 5th (save the date and submit your time-off requests at work).

In the Spring election, we are seeing a lot of right-wing candidates step forward to run for local government. The Republican Party and right-wing radio are recruiting candidates based on the Big Lie that something criminal happened in our 2020 elections. In Tuesday’s Spring Primary, many of those right-wing candidates lost. However, many more are on the ballot in the upcoming April 5th Spring election. Right-wing candidates have made their intentions clear: they are running to “take back” local government so they can oversee our local elections and suppress votes in Brown County. We can’t let that happen! Please sign up to volunteer to protect your freedom to vote from Big Lie candidates.

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2022 Spring Primary, and thank you to the hard work of every election worker who helps ensure our democracy is free, fair, and accessible. Below are official results, source Brown County Elections webpage.