Statement: Ron Johnson’s Announcement that he is Running for Re-election

Green Bay, Wis – Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson has announced he is running for re-election in 2022, breaking a promise he made to people in the state that he would hold himself to a term limit. Renee Gasch, Chair of the Brown County Democrats, made the following statement:

“Ron Johnson can absolutely be beat in 2022. But for us, the Midterm elections are about more than just politics or winning an election. The Midterm elections are about making sure Wisconsin has leaders who are honest and trustworthy. And making sure Wisconsin families have the healthcare, childcare and eldercare they need to get ahead. That is why we will be working hard to defeat Ron Johnson and elect Democrats.

Senator Johnson could have supported the child tax credit, which has been critical for Wisconsin families through the pandemic. But he didn’t. Senator Johnson could have supported the American Rescue Plan, which has been vital for communities to rebound after the pandemic recession, but he didn’t. Senator Johnson could have supported the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Plan, which is going to fix our roads and build bridges in Brown County, but he didn’t. He even admitted to not even bothering reading the bill.

The only thing Senator Johnson has supported is tax cuts for himself and his wealthiest donors. In fact, a ProPublica report revealed that Johnson withheld his support on the GOP Tax Cut until it was changed to help pass-through companies, like the one he owned, and like the ones owned by two of his major donors. That is corruption at its core. It is clear that Senator Johnson is more concerned about increasing his personal wealth than the well-being of the people of Wisconsin.

Senator Johnson has made the pandemic harder for the people of Wisconsin. As the pandemic continues to put Wisconsinites in harm’s way, he has continued to make the situation worse by peddling his anti-vaccine agenda, as well as numerous dangerous conspiracy theories. Senator Johnson has even refused to acknowledge the basic reality of the 2020 election results and condemn violence at the US Capitol. He is just more of Donald Trump, and the people of Wisconsin are tired of it. We want something different.

Any one of the candidates who have stepped up to run in the Democratic primary in August would better serve the people of Wisconsin. We are proud to have an incredible group of Democrats running to defeat Ron Johnson in 2022.”