We Provide Support to Candidates

Grassroots democracy depends on community members like you stepping up to serve. Thank you for considering the important decision of becoming a candidate! 

If you’re like most first-time candidates that run for office, you probably have questions, concerns, and doubts about your first campaign. Your friends and neighbors at the local Democratic Party are here to support you.

We provide mentorship and a community of support for new candidates who join the party. We help you reach voters and recruit volunteers to power grassroots campaigns. Members of the party get access to our campaign infrastructure—including a login to our voter database, use of our bulk mail permit, a press list, candidate photography, free yard sign wires, event space, and introductions to mentors, volunteers, and donors.

Please connect with us if you’d like to take advantage of any of these opportunities as a candidate. We appreciate your dedication to the community. Thank you for serving!

Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about becoming a candidate:

Call or text: 920-405-0455 

Email: Info@browncountydems.com

Visit: www.browncountydems.com/elections 

Fall 2021 Events

The Brown County Dems invite you to one of our fall events to get to know us. For the safety of our community, please be vaccinated and masked.

Monday, November 22, 5-7pm: Candidate Open House

If you are considering running for office, we invite you to one of our fall open house events to ask questions, meet other potential candidates, and chat with current elected officials. In-person at our office at 118 S. Chestnut Ave. Green Bay. Email info@browncountydems.com to RSVP.

Saturday, December 4, 10am: Wisconsin Progress Candidate Training

We have lent our office to Wisconsin Progress, a premier campaign training organization in Wisconsin. You will learn the basics about running a campaign for office. Contact Becky Rasmussen at Wisconsin Progress for more information on attending the training: Becky@WisconsinProgress.org.

Sunday, December 5, 4:30pm – 8pm: Winter Gala

Our Winter Gala held at the Radisson in Green Bay is a great opportunity to meet mentors, volunteers and donors. We will help you coordinate signature collection to get on the ballot in your district. Purchase tickets here by Thanksgiving to reserve your spot.