The Brown County Democrat – Fall 2021 Issue

The Brown County Democrat is a community newspaper featuring news and commentary from members of the Democratic Party of Brown County. 

The Fall 2021 issue features articles on democracy reform, union rights, and candidates declared for the 2022 elections. You can also find helpful peer advice, such as how to make calls to your elected representatives.

The first issue of The Brown County Democrat in Spring 2021 was well received by the community, and the Admin board increased its print run for the fall issue. Volunteers distributed advanced copies at the Brown County Fair, and members will be receiving theirs in the mail this week. You must be a member to receive a copy in the mail—join the party here to get yours.

If you already are a member, will you consider chipping in to fund mailing costs to members that have low access to the Internet?

The name The Brown County Democrat pays tribute to a newspaper first published in the county a century ago. We are proud to keep a local tradition going. Thank you Editor Robbie Phillips for bringing the vision of The Brown County Democrat to life!

We are looking for an editor and contributors for our Spring 2022 issue. Please email to pitch your ideas for articles, artwork, or business advertising (with a $35 donation).