Brown County Democrats to Send Nine Resolutions to the 8th Congressional District Convention

Updated May 2, 2021.

The Administrative Council of the Democratic Party of Brown County sent nine resolutions to the 8th Congressional District Convention on Sunday, May 2nd. The resolutions that passed and advanced in the top ten at the district convention will go on to the State Convention June 4-5, 2021. Sign up to be a delegate to vote on resolutions.

A special thanks to our Policy and Advocacy Committee, which wrote, edited and discussed resolutions throughout February and March. The resolutions will help shape party priorities and the state platform, which all Democratic candidates use to guide their campaigns.

  1. Ranked Choice VotingPassed, did not advance

Whereas a thriving, functional democracy requires fair elections.

Whereas ranked choice voting makes elections less divisive and results in campaigns with higher voter engagement.

Whereas ranked choice voting results in greater diversity of representation, especially for minority and female candidates.

Resolved. DPW supports the implementation of ranked choice voting for all elections in the state of Wisconsin.

  1. Raise the Age Did not pass

Whereas Wisconsin is one of the few states to prosecute children in adult court.

Whereas incarceration can have detrimental effects on the emotional, social and intellectual development of a child.

Whereas scientific research has confirmed that the human brain is not fully developed until an individual reaches their early 20s.

Whereas individuals under age 21 are not allowed to drink alcohol, receive a concealed carry license, or rent a car.

Resolved. DPW supports legislation to raise the age of juvenile court to age 21.

  1. Care Economy Passed, advanced

Whereas everyone should be able to earn a living and care for their loved ones without having to choose between their livelihood, health and safety, and family. 

Whereas families with qualified childcare thrive—allowing more parents to enter the workforce and benefiting children with early education. 

Whereas investments in care work boost the economy, lift families and children out of poverty, and address systemic inequities in the care economy made worse by Covid-19.

Resolved. DPW support investments in the care economy that would make certified, home and community-based caregivers available to every Wisconsin family that requests it.

  1. Indigenous Sovereignty Passed, advanced

Whereas Wisconsin is home to the Ho-Chunk Nation, Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin, Oneida Nation, Forest County Potawatomi, Bad River Band, Lac Courte Oreilles Band, Lac du Flambeau Band, and Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, St. Croix Chippewa, Sokaogon Chippewa (Mole Lake), Stockbridge-Munsee, and Brothertown Nation. 

Whereas treaties between sovereign tribal governments and federal, state, and local governments have historically not been honored, which has disrupted the cultural connection between tribes and their land. 

Resolved. DPW acknowledges and respects tribal sovereignty, and commits to being stewards of Indigenous land and resources.

  1. Safe, Affordable Housing Passed, advanced

Whereas safe, affordable housing is a human right.

Whereas housing instability creates significant obstacles to accessing opportunities such as employment, healthcare, education, and civil rights.

Whereas affordable housing stock shortages have created an inaccessible housing market for many Wisconsinites and unsafe overcrowding during the pandemic.

Whereas eviction law unfairly disadvantages tenants, and an eviction on one’s record hinders the ability to secure future housing.

Resolved. DPW supports legislation and funding to improve housing quality through code enforcement, increase availability of subsidized housing, and improve access to legal representation for tenants.

  1. Family Values Passed, did not advance

Whereas Democratic policies supporting public education, higher minimum wages, child friendly tax policy, and affordable childcare all contribute to supporting the family. 

Whereas a conservative narrative of Democrats being antithetical to family life has largely gone unchallenged.

Resolved. DPW develop messaging and materials for candidates and county parties emphasizing the family supporting nature of Democratic policies.

  1. Data Rights Passed, advanced

Whereas the human right to privacy includes data rights, and the values of American democracy enshrine a life free from surveillance.

Whereas our personal data reflects vital and sensitive information about our lives and its misuse can be discriminatory and potentially life-threatening.

Whereas our data is our private property and should not be bought or sold without our express permission.

Resolved. DPW supports broad protections on personal, biometric, and medical data from unauthorized and unethical government or corporate use.

  1. Northern Wisconsin Development Corporation Did not pass

Whereas. Economic development in more remote parts of Wisconsin is often limited because small communities and counties cannot afford specialist staff or access sufficient funds; and that such communities often feel ignored by the Legislature and Executive of the State.

Whereas. Statewide economic initiatives are often focused on developments in our largest communities.

Resolved. Convention supports the establishment of a Northern Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, with wide powers and resources to sponsor sustainable economic development in communities north of Highway 29 with a population of less than 30000; focusing on value added manufacturing and diversifying the economic base of communities

  1. Medicaid Personal Needs Allowance Passed, advanced

Whereas, the Personal Needs Allowance for Medicaid recipients residing in long-term care facilities is the monthly sum of money they may retain from their personal income;

Whereas, this allowance is all that is available to obtain clothing and shoes, and to cover the cost of telephone, television, internet, a meal out, cards to send family, reading materials, hobbies, etc.; and,

Whereas, the PNA in Wisconsin is among the lowest at $45 with other states allowing up to $200;

Resolved. DPW supports increasing the PNA to a minimum of $100 and implementing annual automatic increases.