Statement: Brown County Democrats Thank Election Heroes for Another Successful Election

Wednesday April 7, 2021
For Immediate Release

Green Bay – Brown County Democrats thank the election workers, candidates, and voters for another successful election in Brown County—the fourth consecutive election held during the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It takes a village to run an election and ensure that every citizen has the right to vote,” said Renee Gasch, Chair of the Democratic Party of Brown County. “We extend our gratitude to every patriot that made another democratic election in Brown County possible this Spring.”

Dr. Jill Underly, the state superintendent candidate endorsed by Wisconsin Democrats, won Brown County by ten percentage points and clinched victory over Deb Kerr with a 15-point margin statewide. Underly’s decisive victory adds to a winning streak for Wisconsin progressives, who since 2018 have elected a Democratic president, a U.S. senator, a governor, an attorney general, as well as two endorsed Supreme Court judges.

“The Spring election confirms once again that a progressive platform wins in Wisconsin. The only races that Democrats are consistently losing are the ones that were gerrymandered by Republicans,” said Gasch. “Voters deserve fair election maps so great candidates like Karl Jaeger have a fair chance to represent the people of Wisconsin.”

Jaeger, a Marinette County Supervisor who ran as a Democrat in the 89th Assembly Special Election, conceded the race to Republican Elijah Behnke late Tuesday night. The heavily gerrymandered district, which includes Northern Brown County, has never elected a Democrat since election maps were drawn by Republicans in 2011.

The Spring election occurs as state GOP lawmakers have introduced ten voter suppression bills that would make it harder for all Wisconsinites to vote. Nationwide, Republicans have introduced nearly 300 similar bills based on the lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

Meanwhile, House Democrats in Congress have passed the For the People Act, a series of sweeping democracy reforms that would make it easier for all Americans to vote and harder for politicians to gerrymander election maps. The bill heads to the U.S. Senate next.


Contact: Renee Gasch,, 920-405-0455


Tell Congress to pass the For the People Act.

Who to Contact:
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson: (920) 230-7250
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin: (920) 498-2668

Tell your Wisconsin lawmakers to pass fair election maps.

Who to Contact:
State Senator Eric Wimberger: 608-266-5670
State Senator Robert Cowles: 608-266-0484
State Senator André Jacque: 608-266-3512
State Representative Kristina Shelton: 608-266-0616
State Representative John Macco: 608-266-0485
State Representative David Steffen: 608-266-5840
State Representative Shae Sortwell: 608-266-9870
State Representative Jim Steineke: 608-266-2418
State Representative Joel Kitchens: 608-266-5350