Democrats must stick together

From Laura Kiefert, Howard, WI

Donald Trump is a threat to American democracy, and we are fortunate to have a vast and historically diverse crop of candidates running against him bringing big, new ideas to a demanding and divided base.

To defeat Trump, we must all agree the 2020 Presidential election is – first, last and foremost – about defeating an unfit, corrupt and destructive incumbent. Therefore, we need to abandon the idea of finding a 2020 presidential candidate who is “perfect.”

In true Goldilocks and the Three Bears fashion, Democrats have a history of looking for a presidential candidate that is “just right.” Some are “too old.” Some are “too young.” Some are “too progressive, others “too centrist.” Some are “too white,” some are “too black” and others are “too female.”

Democrats tend to want to be swept off their feet in a fit of electoral ecstasy and for some, once they make their own personal “just right” choice, all others are deemed inadequate or somehow all wrong for the party or the times.

This mindset cost us the last election because, for many, if their “one” didn’t win the nomination, then they preferred not to vote for the person who did win or simply not vote at all. We must join together right now to vow to support whoever the Democratic candidate is to insure this costly mistake isn’t repeated.

Of course, leading up to the convention, we’ll all promote our favorite candidates and talk smack about the others. However, our allegiances are going to have to shift as the field narrows, and once the party settles on a nominee, we must accept that person is “just right,” circle our wagons and make an all-out effort to get that person the keys to the White House.